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kidney Diseases Prevention Cure

Kidney Disease Symptoms:

You Can see other article based on information of Kidney you can read on website. Now we discuss about kidney Diseases symptoms kidney stones 

If a person's kidneys start to deteriorate, some of the symptoms appear first but people ignore them and suffer serious damage. Let us tell you about five such symptoms and their treatment.

Lower back pain:

This is the first sign of kidney failure and if taken seriously it can prevent major damage. Sleeps on which side there is pain in the kidneys. After a short while this pain starts to occur on both sides, there is also difficulty in urinating.

Itching, dry skin and redness on the skin:

The most important function of the kidneys is to flush out waste products from the body through urine, but when they do not work properly and the urine does not come in properly, the toxins remain in the body and reddening our skin as well as the skin. It becomes dry and sometimes itchy.

Changes in urinary habits:

Kidney failure can also cause changes in urinary habits. It is possible that your urine may start to bleed, you may have difficulty urinating, there may be bubbles in your urine, you may urinate in your sleep at night or If any of these symptoms appear, consult your doctor immediately for treatment of your kidneys.

Inflammation in various parts of the body:

Due to the lack of urine, waste products remain inside the body and they appear in the form of inflammation on different parts of the body. This symptom appears when the kidneys have been severely damaged.

Fatigue and weakness:

Our body produces a hormone called erythropoietin which helps in the production of red blood cells and our blood absorbs oxygen. Due to this deficiency, the body becomes tired and weak and a person gets tired even after doing light work.

Causes of kidney disease:

There are many causes of kidney failure, of which blood pressure and diabetes play the most important role. These diseases affect millions of nephrons in the kidneys and cause kidney failure. Experts also say that burning of oil and gas in the atmosphere produces a dangerous element called cadmium, which is extremely dangerous for the kidneys. Cadmium enters the lungs of smokers very quickly. This increases the risk of kidney damage.
According to an estimate, 100 to 150 out of every one million people in Pakistan suffer from kidney failure every year, while a total of 20,000 to 25,000 people in Pakistan suffer from kidney failure every year. Reckless use of drugs is causing kidney failure,
 Unexplained bleeding in the urine can be a symptom of kidney cancer, there are many misconceptions in our society about dialysis, the tendency to donate other organs including kidney in the country must be promoted, urine The appearance of symptoms such as discoloration and foam is a wake-up call.
Blood pressure problems in young people can lead to kidney failure and kidney failure can lead to high blood pressure. According to a survey by the National Health Council of Pakistan, 15% of people suffer from kidney disease. Diabetes has become epidemic in the country.

Ways to avoid kidney disease:

Kidney function can be improved by changing diet and lifestyle. It is important to reduce smoking and reduce salt intake so that blood pressure can be controlled. Regular exercise and high water intake can improve kidney health. 
Fast food has ruined our health, abstain
A waist that is more than 36 inches is a sign of excess cholesterol in the body.
A 150 minute walk a week is essential for human health.
 Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits can significantly reduce the risk of kidney disease.
Kidney patients should avoid high salt intake.
 Kidney Diseases Can Be Controlled By Controlling Diabetes Blood Pressure
 There is a need to create awareness about kidney disease. If there is any malfunction in the filtration holes and ducts, protein and blood will be excreted in the urine. However, timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent kidney failure.
 Some kidney patients recover after one or two dialysis sessions and their kidneys begin to work. Temporary dialysis is cheap and beneficial, for anyone over the age of 18 who has high blood pressure. And if you are not diabetic, you may donate a kidney. Decreased or excessive urination, inflammation of the hands and feet, muscle weakness, fatigue and bone weakness may be early signs of kidney failure.
Detailed urea, urine and blood tests should be done every 6 months to protect against kidney disease.

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