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Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment:

 Cancer is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world at the moment, but it can be cured if it is diagnosed early and therefore the death rate is very high.

However, scientists have now discovered new immune cells that can kill most types of cancer and are expected to make significant progress in treating the disease.
The scientists were looking at blood cells in a blood bank that have the ability to fight bacteria, and in the process they discovered a completely new type of T cells (immune cells).
These new cells carry a receptor that ignores healthy cells and kills cancer cells.
Research reports in the laboratory found that these new cells can kill cancerous cells in the lungs, skin, blood, colon, breast, bone, bladder, kidney and other types.
Professor Andrew Sewell, who led the research team, said the discovery of such cells was "extraordinary" and would make a universal therapy possible, along with improving cancer-fighting therapies.
He said it was a shocking discovery because no one was aware of the existence of these cells.

"Our discovery will help create a cure for cancer, a single T-cell that can eliminate many types of cancer. At first no one believed it would be possible," he said.

"These cells are very rare, or most people may have this receptor, but for some reason it doesn't work, we don't know yet," he said.

Immune cell therapies are available for specific types of cancer, but they are only effective for certain types of leukemia and do not work on solid tumors, which is common in most cancer cases.

According to scientists, these new cells can be linked to a single molecule of cancerous cells, and in this way they will not only be able to treat a wide variety of cancers, but also be able to share them with the public. Where these special cells will be kept.

The scientists inserted the cells into the bodies of mice that had been diagnosed with human cancer and had a human immune system. The results of these experiments were encouraging and ended the cancer.

According to scientists, these cells not only kill the cancerous cells of skin cancer patients, but they can also be used to kill the infected cells of other patients in the laboratory.

He said that testing on dying patients with cancer could be started by November this year but before that more work would be done in the laboratory to ensure the safety of the patients.
The results of the study were published in the medical journal Nature Immunology

Radiation treatment of cancer was made possible in Ankara:

Ankara City Hospital has succeeded in removing tumors with a knife using state-of-the-art equipment in the field.
With 2 new state-of-the-art devices at the Ankara Civil Hospital in Ricky, the tumor can only be removed once with high levels of radiation, so it does not damage the healthy tissues around the cancerous area.
Dr. Yilmaz Tezjan, Professor in charge of Hospital Administration and Education, reminded that cancer is one of the most important medical diseases in the world.
He emphasized that radiation was important in the treatment of wool. Ankara City Hospital has succeeded in removing tumors with a knife using the latest technology in the field. Tumors, whether in any sensitive or vital part of the body, can be eliminated by high-level radiation.

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