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Teeth: How to whiten naturally, disease and health


          Dentists believe that about half of all diseases in human life are caused by bad teeth. Therefore, teeth are the most important part of the human body. In order to survive, a person needs food and drink and healthy teeth are necessary to eat food because whatever food enters the stomach is possible only from the teeth. May Allah not allow your teeth to deteriorate and your gums The pus and the contents enter the stomach with food and then the person becomes a victim of various diseases.
Sometimes the teeth get so bad that it becomes difficult to eat and you only have to spend on soft food.
If dental hygiene is started at an early age, it is unlikely to be damaged even by the age of 100.

Teeth Health Importance:

                               Whenever there is any disease in the teeth, it is due to our negligence. It is necessary to clean the teeth thoroughly after every meal, otherwise the food gets stuck in the teeth and after a while it starts to rot. And then the teeth slowly begin to fill.
And so you may be deprived of the blessing of food. Therefore, it is very important to brush your teeth after eating. The brush you use for your beautiful teeth should be neither too soft nor too hard. ۔
Beautiful teeth are the beauty of your face and teeth like white pearls add more sparkle to your beauty.If even one of the front teeth comes out, then the beauty of the face is lost, so everyone wants his teeth not to be bad for the rest of his life, so it is very important for men and women to have their teeth checked from time to time.If the teeth are full, the real reason is that you have stopped paying attention to the teeth, which causes the teeth to turn yellow.

Teeth Diseases:

It is caused by the accumulation of bacteria and food and its layer is very hard and then it is difficult to take it off. Grinding slowly begins to affect tooth enamel, so be sure to remove the grit from the teeth, otherwise it will either create a gap inside the teeth or keep them completely filled.
If the teeth are not cleaned after eating, the gnats start to clot on the teeth after a few hours. If you move your tongue on your teeth, the gnats will be felt immediately, so you should not have gnats on your teeth under any circumstances. Otherwise it will be difficult to download. The gums on the teeth freeze and injure the gums when they touch them. As soon as they are brushed, the gums get injured and the flowers also go away and all this is due to the gums.In this case, you should go to the dentist so that it can be remedied in the initial stage. To protect your teeth, you should follow these methods to avoid damaging your teeth.

Teeth Care:

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and do your best to clean them. Some people brush their teeth too quickly which does not serve the purpose of cleaning and should clean the inside of the teeth with a brush. So that no part is left unattended and cleaning should be done not with haste but with full attention.

Use a medium brush. The brush should not be too hard to scratch the natural toothpaste. The same brush should not be used for several months. According to experts, the brush must be changed every three months. Every meal should be eaten. Then the food trapped in the space between the two teeth should be removed with a good toothpick and then the brushing process should be started.
If the food stuck in the teeth is not removed, no matter how many times it is brushed, it will be useless. Refer to Use as much water as possible. Don't use drinks that are high in acid as these drinks can take away the natural tooth polish.
When brushing your teeth, hold the brush as if you were holding a pen for writing. So that the brush is not used too hard but can be soft and comfortable. Use the brush in such a way that it covers the gaps or gaps between the teeth. Both food and cigarettes continue to damage teeth and whiten white and shiny teeth, so cigarettes should always be avoided.

With the right toothbrush, standard toothpaste and the right brushing technique, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy and they will look beautiful to the viewers. Holes and plaque in the teeth weaken them and this Gum also affects the gums, so choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride creates resistance in the teeth against cavities and plaque. Some toothpastes contain triseline.

               Source :This info is taken from different websites on Internet


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