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Li Fi and Its Working


LiFi is new technology that works on light instead of radio waves.
Li-Fi, the alternative of WiFi  and even faster technology. Li-Fi speed is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.
This technology was invented in 2011 by Professor Herald Haas of the University of Edinburgh. Such LEDs are used for LiFi, to be switched on or off in a nanosecond to transmit data over zenithwork.
Herald Haas had previously proved that more data can be sent from an entire mobile tower than just an LED light.Solanki said his company is registered in Estonia but his entire team is Indian.
Recent experiences in the Austrian Offices and Industrial Centers revealed that 1Gbps speed can be achieved in the open area with the help of LiFi.
To operate the Li-Fi you need a power LED bulb, internet connection and a photo detector as the source.

LiFi Max Speed:

Earlier, the speed of 224 Gbps has been obtained from Lai-Fi in the laboratory environment. It can be used in the middle of the enclosure or in the open as far as the lights go.
He said that where there is a limit to the spectrum of the radio waves, the visible light spectrum is 10,000 times higher. This means that in the near future wifi  is likely to end.

The word 'Li-fi' was first used by Professor Herald Haas of Edinburgh University. He demonstrated this at the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference in 2011.


Lifi can be used in one room or to the extent of LED bulb light, so it is more secure. Buying an LED bulb at home to build a Wi-Fi network is cheaper than buying a router.
Many airlines are currently conducting Lifi tests for the Internet during flights, while intelligence agencies want to use Lifi for the network.
This technology will become commonplace in the next few years, but it will take another four to five years to reach the masses.

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