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Physical Fitness Tips

Human Fitness:
                           The Human Fitness is define as the “quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task” in other words if your body or body parts are working properly according to their role For Example if your heart pumping blood properly without any disturbance or any problem it means your heart is fit or if your liver is helping your stomach in digestion of food and making blood according to requirement it means it is fit. Now this belong to your body physique so it is called physical fitness. There are two main type of fitness 1) Physical Fitness 2) Mental Fitness. Here I’ll discuss about physical fitness.
 Physical Fitness:
                                Physical fitness is termed as “the condition of being physically fit and healthy”. When your body is working properly without any pain or disturbance. Your body parts are working properly it means you are physically fit. Eating healthy diet and taking rest regularly will help you to maintain your health. But you will also need some kind of exercise to maintain your fitness. if you exercise regularly your blood will flow properly in your body and it will burn your energy. That decreases your fat level in your body. Extra fat will increase your weight, Heart attack and other disease. Due to exercise your body will discharge waste and Poisonous things from body through sweat. Exercise will also stretch and moves your muscles. When muscle of your body works out it can expand or it will make him healthy. Balanced Diet will also matter. If you eat balance diet then body will maintain healthy. Unbalanced diet causes troubles. If you eat too much or less than requirement the chance of diseases increases. Some of best exercises are running, walking, swimming and bodybuilding etc. In Balance diet we should high protein carbohydrates, Vitamins and unsaturated fats. Next posts I’ll explain about balanced Diet elements

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