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How To Save From Corona

How To Save From Corona

In the true sense of competition and elimination is possible only if we follow the following five directions. These instructions are also proven by the Quran and Sunnah. Remember these five instructions to save us from any disease . It is very important to follow - ignoring any directive can make you sick

1) First pray

They all know that just as Allah is our Creator, this disease has come from God and if He can remove this disease then He is our Creator, Almighty - in many places in the Quran and Hadith. It is a promise to pray and accept it - so if we pray with sincere heart, it is impossible that Allaah will not accept the prayer that comes from the heart. Will save those who come to Him

2) Second Medicine

The second method is the use of medicine - the Quranic guidance also directs the use of the drug. Finally, medicines or herbs are created by Allah Almighty for the benefit of human beings. The Queen is also given the reason to focus on herbs made by God and to improve her quality of life and this is also proven by the Holy Prophet of the Holy Prophet. Use is essential

English-Homeopathic or herbal remedies may be used as preservatives to prevent the Corona's virus - but these medications must be used in consultation with a qualified doctor or physician, or in consultation with a general public or self-medicated. Can also cause harm.

3) Third diet

This method is also wrong if  he prays but does not take proper diet and rest or take less or more than his body requires.

To save from corona virus or any disease it is important to take good food. Breakfast should be taken very good , lunch as well  and dinner should be taken lightly.

The food should be chewed many time properly with hunger and  fresh vegetables, fruit pulses and meat should be used. Dinner should be eaten lightly and sleep after three hours of eating. Diseases can arise and sleep can be disrupted

4 )Fourth - Caution

Caution is also required to avoid the Corona virus. The instructions given by the government or doctors nowadays must also be followed - and the Hadith proves that caution is necessary in infectious diseases.
If a person does not care, neither good medicine nor diet can help him - If we don't wear masks in public and washing hands with soap or other precautions we'll definitely caught up by corona.

5) Fifth-proper exercise

Proper exercise or even keeping the body moving is important. Nowadays it is still needed  many people are developing obesity or depression due to constant sitting at home during lockdown. If proper exercise is taken on a daily basis, whether in the case of compulsion, indoors or even household chores that make sweat better then it is  important for health. Time will also be spent. Good health will produce strong defense, which will be very beneficial to combat for not only the viruses but also other diseases.

Source :This info is taken from different websites on Internet


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