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How to Lose weight Naturally at home

How To Lose Weight?

  Weight is one of the thing that people want to control it . Mostly Peoples want to lose weight but some people want to gain it as well. Weight Increase or Decrease is depends on following Factors:

1) Metabolism
2) Your Diet 
3) Exercise


                     Metabolism is chemical reactions that are taking place in a body . For example how fast your stomach is digesting food how fast liver is working etc. if your Metabolism is high it means that your body is working very fastly. so your body will require more energy result your fat will burn and your diet will digest properly. Metabolism is most necessary factor about weight gaining or lose. If your metabolism is high it means your heart rate will also high . That burn alot more calories so you can eat more food and easily digest it. Metabolism depends on many factors. thus metabolism is necessary for increasing or losing weight.

Diet (Food):

                                         Food is also a big factor about your losing or gaining weight. High calorie food increases makes fat and thus you weight will increase. Also you can read my other articles about food types on this website. Carbohydrate contains alot of calories . if we don't exercise hardly and eat a lot of Carbohydrates the body weight will start to increase which is not good for health and drops fitness level. Protein increases metabolism and good for losing weight . Fats are very powerful that can increase your weight and cholesterol. which in result increase risk of heart attack.


                      Exercise is very `important for losing weight. Exercise increases the speed of your metabolism and heart rate that burns alot of your fats and energy. Blood circulates fastly and reach at the end parts of body. that will make healthy to your body parts as well.

Steps for losing weight:

 1) Drink A lot of cold water. drink 250ml water every half an hour. Drink cold water. do not drink after your meal for at least 1.5 hours.Drink before meals

2) Take min 60 gram of protein in your daily food routine. Do not eat it at one time. Eat small amount in every meal. . for example eat 20 grams of protein per meal and eat 3 meals . in short eat total 60 grams of protein per day. if you want to lose weight do not eat more than double amount of carbohydrates than protein. for example if you eat 60 grams of protein do not eat more than 120 grams of carbohydrates.Exercise regularly . one of the best exercise to lose weight is running. Runs a lot. Do push ups and sit stand . another best exercise is skipping or jumping. Jumping for 30 min is very good for burning calories
i have written another articles about foods. kindly read it for food information.

Source :This info is taken from different websites on Internet


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