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Heart Disease: Risk Factors, Prevention, and More

Heart Diseases in Pakistan:

Fast Food:

 In modern era people are very busy . Instead of eating healthy diet they prefers  fast food which is tasty but unhealthy and causes several diseases of liver and other organ like heart disease. It increases the blood pressure and other heart diseases which in result heart attack. These days we are very busy about corona virus.But we forgot about other diseases. Corona virus cause few hundred deaths in Pakistan till now but other diseases specially heart diseases cause thousands of deaths every year. Every disease needs time to recover but heart diseases comes suddenly and causes death with very less time. Now every body is counting about corona but no body is counting that how many deaths are causes by heart diseases and accidents etc.Fast Food is one of the main reason behind heart diseases. 


Heart disease is rising in Pakistan due to the fast growing trend of fast food. Every year more than two hundred thousand peoples die of heart disease, Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle , Quit using exercise. Distance from walking can lead to heart disease. There is an urgent need to improve your lifestyle.
Along with this, the use of a healthy diet is also important. Public health is an important issue in Pakistan. About 40% of deaths throughout the year are due to cardiovascular disease if we take precautionary measures. Prevention of mortality is possible. Use of a healthy diet, exercise on a daily basis, quit smoking, keep blood pressure normal.
By following them we can protect against many diseases.
Getting awareness and acting on it is a necessary against every disease. At present, the situation is that in Pakistan, heart diseases are on the rise. Heart disease is a disease that a person gets once. Then very few people are fortunate enough to recover. Most people work carelessly and take heart disease as a minor which can be very dangerous for human beings.
Cardiovascular diseases have to be used daily and timely. According to one report, heart diseases are more prevalent in the South. This is not one of the reasons, but also a number of reasons. Even ordinary people know that the arteries of the heart are extremely thin. It is estimated that some 20 million patients worldwide die in the face of earth.
This is an alarming situation. In the past, this disease was considered to be a disease of the rich. Because people used to use the car while they relinquished the habit of walking. As time went on. People living a life of mediocrity and poverty fell victim to the disease because they also stopped walking and got access to motorbikes and now it is known that the number of pedestrians has decreased. ۔
Look around and you will see motorbikes, rickshaws and motorbike rickshaws all around while the road has become difficult for pedestrians. Many changes have taken place in three to four decades. Whether it is winter or summer, people  have given up the habit of getting up early. People who get up early in the morning and are forced to get up have to go to government or private jobs.
But it is also important to point out that even in some government jobs, people arrive at their scheduled time. Our lifestyle has changed drastically, impacting the generations to come. Fast food growing in the breed. The trend of life is having a profound effect. .
Sweat is a worry, we have to take serious precautions in this regard because dieting is better than cure. Diet and exercise have their own benefits. If we reduce the dose and stop exercise, it will give us some special results. In the same way, if we eat more food and exercise more than our daily routine, it will not help.
If foreign countries are reviewed, there are also fresh milk and fresh fruits delivered to children in schools. Physical headaches are now being wiped out in our children. The playing fields are now empty. We have abandoned exercise in our lives and computer games are becoming more important.
Excessive consumption of fried foods and obesity can lead to heart disease. Younger people are now suffering from these diseases because they have given up exercise in their lives.
We stay up late at night and wake up late during the day. We will have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Mobile phones are the age where it is beneficial but also harmful. Excessive use of mobile or need. Sitting in front of more computers is also harmful. The younger generation and young children have become addicted to mobile phones. Now the old games that used to be a nosy exercise are dead.+


For a healthy life, proper diet and normal cholesterol levels are very important and this level is possible only when we use a simple and healthy diet.
If the arteries of the heart become narrow in human life, recovery is not possible.
When a heart disease is triggered, then screening should start immediately. Also, smoking, Gutka, etc. should be avoided and there should be strict rules regarding this at the government level. We need fresh fruits and vegetables instead of meat. Use more.
Also refrain from the use of canned juices and cold drinks. Use of walnuts and almonds is also beneficial in this season of consuming a variety of vitamins supplements using fresh vegetables. Use desi chicken. At present, the situation is that every ninth child in Pakistan is Fat. The food situation is also bad. In such a situation, if diseases do not increase, what else will happen?
We need to get our kids into the habit of exercising from childhood, tell them about the use of carbohydrates, avoid fried items and bakery items too. Baked goods can be harmful. ۔
Due to poor health care system in Pakistan, diseases are aggravating. The heart attack is increasing rapidly in Pakistan and young people are now suffering from this disease
Source :This info is taken from different websites on Internet


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