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5G technology and its side Effects


             5G is short form of fifth we know its working is similar to 4G but it is advance form of 4G.It is wireless communication technology that is used for communication specially mobile phones. 5G frequency spectrum is divided into millimeter waves. 5G has low band and mid band. low band is almost like 4G but mid band is very fast. Its frequency relies between 24GHz to 72GHZ. which is very high. its downloading speed can be 1 Giga bit/s to 2 Giga bit/s.

               When it comes to mobile communication, scientists describe the major and fundamental changes in technology with generation or success.

When mobile phones were first introduced in the 1980s, they used radio waves not digital. Because of this, it was easier for noise to be heard and for strangers to hear conversations over the phone. This system was called First Generation or 1G Networks.

In the early 1990's, Second Generation or 2G Mobile Systems began to replace them and was founded on the technical standards of the Global System for Mobiles (GSM).

The 2G networks were digital and the networks they migrated started to call themselves GSM. Now you remember why in the time of Pakistan there was so much emphasis on the word 'GSM' in the advertisements of mobile companies.=

After that 2.5G started accessing the internet from mobile phones through GPRS technology, internet speed was increased in 2.75G networks and it was named Edge.

If you still consider, sometimes E is typed on your mobile internet due to lack of signals. There was a time when this lifeline was our Internet, and today we do not give it any special significance.

With the advent of 3G technology, the speed of mobile Internet has also improved and security has been improved. Its licenses were auctioned in Pakistan in 2014 and made it possible for Pakistani mobile users to access the Internet even in remote areas.

At the same time, 4G license was auctioned by Zong in Pakistan. 4G is technically quite different from 3G, and the result is mostly for users only in the case of faster Internet speeds.

How will the world change with the coming of 5G?

By now, you must have figured out that the advent of 5G Networks will make access to the Internet even faster, and it will improve the following,

Being able to make high definition voice and video calls of the best quality
Watching online videos in high quality without buffering breaks
Don't be lagging behind others because of the lazy internet while playing online games
Fifth Generation will bring about three major changes, says Khalid Mukhtar, Senior Member of the International Organization of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Triple E).

1)  It will speed up the Internet speed, making it easier to edit videos online and work collaboratively.
2)  The latency, the time it takes to reach the destination message from your Internet device, will be much shorter thanks to the 5G networks, which allows surgeons to sit in remote areas to do the same surgery. Be there yourself, through virtual reality, sports can be played while so many other things can be done.

In addition, he said that machine-to-machine connection will improve, which is expected to develop in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).

Dr. Faizan Qamar, a telecom expert and 5G technology researcher, says that this technology will improve the communication of the Internet of Things, which allows our vehicles to self-report their problems. The sensors you have will be able to diagnose patients better.

Dr. Faizan Qamar is a researcher with the Malaysian University of Malaya and 5G Communications is the subject of his research.

He said that with the arrival of 5G.It is expected that machines could be used in the fields of robotics, Internet of Things, transport, medicine and humans.

Is 5G reason behind Corona Virus? 

Various rumors have been circulating on social media regarding the Corona virus worldwide that 5G is responsible for Corona Virus  as mobile phone towers were reportedly set on fire in the UK because of the spread of the Coronavirus.
According to British media, not only two 5G mobile towers were set on fire but staff were also mistreated. Videos of this incident are viral on social media.
British phone companies have been warned of this 'conspiracy theory' following the incident in which the towers were set on fire in Birmingham on Thursday and in Mercy Side on Friday.
However, scientists have completely rejected these claims and criticized the figures.
The Mobile UK's representative body, The Mobile UK, has said that 'false speculations and ideas are worrying'.
It added that 'the more disturbing thing is that some people are mistreating employees and threatening to destroy the property' in the face of claims made about  5G.
The UK's Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports says it knows the misinformation about 5G is being spread on social media.
According to the department, 5G technology has nothing to do with the Corona virus

5G Side effects:

                                      According to some people 
1) It can harm honey bee and other insects 
2) It can harm birds and disturb them for locating locations
3) It can increase stress level of human
4) It can cause damage to genetic damage and also increase cancer risk
5) In short it has negative impact on human body and other living things
Source :This info is taken from different websites on Internet


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