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Kidney: Function Location Organization Importance

Kidney: The kidneys are actually two bean-shaped excretory organs that excrete or filter out unnecessary blood components (especially urea) from the body in the form of urine with water. The branch of medicine and wisdom that studies the interpretation, function, pathology and treatment of the kidneys is called nephrology. Kidney Location in Human Body: In humans, the kidneys are found on both sides of the spinal cord, towards the back of the abdomen, that is, towards the lumbar wall. The right kidney is found below the liver and the left kidney below the spleen. At the top of each kidney is a small body called the adrenal gland, which is actually a gland that secretes hormones. Another important thing about the location of the kidneys is that the right kidney is slightly lower than the left (this can be clearly seen in the form). The kidneys are then retroperitoneal organs, meaning they are located behind the lining of the abdominal cavity, called the peritoneum. Their positi

TB (Tuberculosis) :Types Symptoms Causes Recovery

TB(Tuberculosis): TB is also called tuberculosis. It is a contagious disease. It can occur in any part of the body but usually targets the lungs. Mucus cough is a special sign of TB. In severe cases, coughing up blood also occurs.When a TB patient coughs or sneezes, germs enter the air with tiny drops of saliva that enter the body of other people who breathe in the same environment and can infect them with this dangerous disease.TB is treatable. If treatment is started on time, the patient recovers. However, in case of delay, the disease worsens and the chances of recovery are limited. Once the TB germs enter the body, they do not necessarily make a person sick. They can also remain silent or sleepy inside the body. In medical terms it is called Latent TB. People with this type of TB do not feel sick or have any symptoms. When these germs become active, then the person becomes infected with TB.The TB germs can stay dormant in a person's body for years. When the person's immu

Diabetes:Types,Symptoms, Causes

Diabetes: Diabetes is a lifelong medical condition that kills millions of people each year and can affect anyone. This disease occurs when the body is unable to dissolve the sugar (glucose) in it and add it to the blood. This complication can lead to heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and amputation of legs and feet. Danger may arise. It is a rapidly growing problem and affects an estimated 422.2 million people worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, that number is four times higher than 40 years ago. In Pakistan alone, about 1.5 to 200,000 people become disabled due to diabetes every year. According to a recent study, one out of every four people in Pakistan suffers from diabetes and this number is increasing rapidly. Not only that, but diabetes is the eighth leading cause of death in Pakistan and the number of people affected by it has increased by 50% compared to 2005. Despite these risks, few percent of people with diabetes are unaware that a chan

Blood Pressure : Causes, Effect,Cure

Blood Pressure:                                         The heart is a small but powerful pump that beats regularly from birth to the last breath of life. Every minute the heart pumps five liters of blood through the countless veins in the body.In order to maintain this process, the circulation of blood, it is necessary to have pressure in the circulatory system. This pressure is called blood pressure.There are two types of blood pressure: 1)Systolic 2) Diastolic When our heart contracts, the blood pressure is called contractile blood pressure or systolic pressure. When the heart returns to normal, it is called diastolic pressure. If the blood pressure reading is 80/140, it means that the systolic pressure is 140 and the diastolic pressure is 80. Blood pressure changes throughout the day: Blood pressure levels keep changing. Blood pressure rises when you exercise or when there is any pressure. When the body is at rest or asleep, then its level decreases. High blood pr

Teeth: How to whiten naturally, disease and health

Teeth:            Dentists believe that about half of all diseases in human life are caused by bad teeth. Therefore, teeth are the most important part of the human body. In order to survive, a person needs food and drink and healthy teeth are necessary to eat food because whatever food enters the stomach is possible only from the teeth. May Allah not allow your teeth to deteriorate and your gums The pus and the contents enter the stomach with food and then the person becomes a victim of various diseases. Sometimes the teeth get so bad that it becomes difficult to eat and you only have to spend on soft food. If dental hygiene is started at an early age, it is unlikely to be damaged even by the age of 100. Teeth Health Importance:                                Whenever there is any disease in the teeth, it is due to our negligence. It is necessary to clean the teeth thoroughly after every meal, otherwise the food gets stuck in the teeth and after a while it starts to rot. And

Soaps and Hand Wash benefits, ingredients and preparation

Role of Soap in Cleanliness: Cleanliness is half faith and the role of soap is very important for physical hygiene. In modern times separate hand washes have been introduced for hand washing and separate liquid for bathing has also come in the market and people have started benefiting from this invention. In many homes only soap pads are still used because they Also meets the requirements of cleanliness and pleasant feeling. Soap Ingredients: According to experts, soap is made by boiling alkali and animal or vegetable fats . In addition coconut, almond, palm, cumin and olive, vegetable oils also contain cucumber and honey. Alcohol also contains minerals such as soda and potassium. Hand washing components: At a time when environmental pollution is on the rise, it is better to have a variety of hand washes for hand washing in homes. This is not a luxury at all, but a basic cleaning requirement. Sulfuric acid, lactic acid, perfume, sodium, benzoate and other chemical ingredients

Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Dengue: In the 1775s when a disease spread in Asia, Africa and North America in which the patient had a sudden high fever and at the same time headaches and joint pains began, while some patients also had abdominal pain, bloody vomiting and bloody patches. Complained. The patient suffered from the same disease for seven to ten days and eventually died. Panic spread among the people and people started migrating from these areas. When the doctors and physicians of that time did research on it, they found out that it is a special type of mosquito which causes the disease by its bite. Dengue fever kills white blood cells. High fever, nausea and vomiting, back and muscle aches and severe headache are the main symptoms of dengue fever. How is dengue spread? The mosquito that spreads dengue in Pakistan and all over the world is Aedes aegypti. This spotted-skinned mosquito is present in Pakistan from September to December after the monsoon rains. According to experts, this mos

Coronavirus: How long does it take to recover

Coronavirus: How long does it take to recover: The Covid 19 epidemic broke out in late 2019. But there are symptoms that can take some patients a long time to fully recover. When a patient is recovering from corona it depends on the severity of the disease. Some people recover quickly from this disease, but it is possible that in some patients the problems arising from it are long-term.It depends on Your age, gender, and health determine how ill you can be with Covid 19 and How long a person recovers depends on the circumstances under which he or she is being treated and for how long. How long will it take to recover if the symptoms appear less? Most people infected with Cod 19 show only central symptoms, such as cough and high fever. But they can also feel discomfort, fatigue, sore throat and headaches. The cough is initially dry, but later some people cough up mucus that contains dead lung cells. These symptoms are treated by resting in bed, using water or other bever

Heart Disease: Risk Factors, Prevention, and More

Heart Diseases in Pakistan: Fast Food:  In modern era people are very busy . Instead of eating healthy diet they prefers  fast food which is tasty but unhealthy and causes several diseases of liver and other organ like heart disease. It increases the blood pressure and other heart diseases which in result heart attack. These days we are very busy about corona virus.But we forgot about other diseases. Corona virus cause few hundred deaths in Pakistan till now but other diseases specially heart diseases cause thousands of deaths every year. Every disease needs time to recover but heart diseases comes suddenly and causes death with very less time. Now every body is counting about corona but no body is counting that how many deaths are causes by heart diseases and accidents etc.Fast Food is one of the main reason behind heart diseases.  Reasons: Heart disease is rising in Pakistan due to the fast growing trend of fast food. Every year more than two hundred thousand peoples die of

How to increase Muscle size naturally

Human Muscles:                                           Human muscle is made up of  75% water 20% protein 1 to 10% of fats and 1% of glycogen. Human muscles are connected to skeleton with tendon. Muscle can contract or relax. Muscles are responsible for our movement. Many people wants to increase some specific muscles for bodybuilding. For this purpose Muscles need different requirements for size increment. Muscles require following things to increase its size 1) Diet  2) Exercise 3) Sleep 4) Testosterone level Diet:             I have written another articles about diet here I ll explain here shortly. Muscles needs balanced diet specially protein to increase its size. nut some people consider only protein and eats a lot of protein with fats and carbohydrate which results in damage of vital organs like liver or kidney and muscle size doesn't increases.. if you want to increase muscle size keep your diet balance by eating carbohydrates protein fats and vitamins. if y

How to Lose weight Naturally at home

How To Lose Weight?   Weight is one of the thing that people want to control it . Mostly Peoples want to lose weight but some people want to gain it as well. Weight Increase or Decrease is depends on following Factors: 1) Metabolism 2)  Your Diet  3) Exercise Metabolism:                       Metabolism is chemical reactions that are taking place in a body . For example how fast your stomach is digesting food how fast liver is working etc. if your Metabolism is high it means that your body is working very fastly. so your body will require more energy result your fat will burn and your diet will digest properly. Metabolism is most necessary factor about weight gaining or lose. If your metabolism is high it means your heart rate will also high . That burn alot more calories so you can eat more food and easily digest it. Metabolism depends on many factors. thus metabolism is necessary for increasing or losing weight. Diet (Food):                                    

5G technology and its side Effects

5G:              5G is short form of fifth we know its working is similar to 4G but it is advance form of 4G.It is wireless communication technology that is used for communication specially mobile phones. 5G frequency spectrum is divided into millimeter waves. 5G has low band and mid band. low band is almost like 4G but mid band is very fast. Its frequency relies between 24GHz to 72GHZ. which is very high. its downloading speed can be 1 Giga bit/s to 2 Giga bit/s. History :                When it comes to mobile communication, scientists describe the major and fundamental changes in technology with generation or success. When mobile phones were first introduced in the 1980s, they used radio waves not digital. Because of this, it was easier for noise to be heard and for strangers to hear conversations over the phone. This system was called First Generation or 1G Networks. In the early 1990's, Second Generation or 2G Mobile Systems began to replace them and w

Li Fi and Its Working

LIFi: LiFi is new technology that works on light instead of radio waves. Li-Fi, the alternative of WiFi  and even faster technology. Li-Fi speed is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. This technology was invented in 2011 by Professor Herald Haas of the University of Edinburgh. Such LEDs are used for LiFi, to be switched on or off in a nanosecond to transmit data over zenithwork. Herald Haas had previously proved that more data can be sent from an entire mobile tower than just an LED light.Solanki said his company is registered in Estonia but his entire team is Indian. Recent experiences in the Austrian Offices and Industrial Centers revealed that 1Gbps speed can be achieved in the open area with the help of LiFi. To operate the Li-Fi you need a power LED bulb, internet connection and a photo detector as the source. LiFi Max Speed: Earlier, the speed of 224 Gbps has been obtained from Lai-Fi in the laboratory environment. It can be used in the middle of the enclosure or in the open

How To Save From Corona

How To Save From Corona In the true sense of competition and elimination is possible only if we follow the following five directions. These instructions are also proven by the Quran and Sunnah. Remember these five instructions to save us from any disease . It is very important to follow - ignoring any directive can make you sick 1) First pray They all know that just as Allah is our Creator, this disease has come from God and if He can remove this disease then He is our Creator, Almighty - in many places in the Quran and Hadith. It is a promise to pray and accept it - so if we pray with sincere heart, it is impossible that Allaah will not accept the prayer that comes from the heart. Will save those who come to Him 2) Second Medicine The second method is the use of medicine - the Quranic guidance also directs the use of the drug. Finally, medicines or herbs are created by Allah Almighty for the benefit of human beings. The Queen is also given the reason to focus on herbs made b

Cupping (Hijama)

Cupping (Hijama) While the popularity of suction cups has increased significantly in recent years, it is not a new practice. In fact, it was originally used by ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures. It is an ancient form of alternative medicine that is done by placing cups on the skin to create suction. Today, it is used as a way to relieve pain, promote relaxation, improve blood flow, and relieve inflammation. To learn more about how suction cups can benefit you, make an appointment at PhysioWorks today. I'm not so sure about the suction cups, does it really work? While there are some apprehensions towards the suckers, there is real science behind this. Suction inside the cups creates negative pressure, which helps increase hydration and blood flow to body tissues, relieves adhesion,and removes excess fluids. It is a versatile treatment that can be modified for your condition, whether you need deep tissue massage or lymphatic drainage. It is important to n
Diet for Human health or Physical fitness Human nutrition   and food  are related with essential nutrients in food that are necessary to for human life and health. OR Diet that is necessary for our body health.   Our Body needs some essential nutrition that is necessary for our health.     Poor nutrition causes damage and linked to poverty, food security or a poor understanding of nutrition and dietary practices. Not only physical fitness mental fitness is also related to our Diet. Good nutrition is necessary for children to grow physically, and for normal human body development. The human body contains chemical compounds such as water, carbohydrates, amino acids fatty acids, and nucleic acids. These compounds are composed of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Essential Nutrients for Human Body: There are Seven Major nutrients that is very important for human body carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water. Human Body